Frogland Toadex


What we are here to achieve.
The Notorious Frogs began in June of 2021 as a 10k NFT project representative of their owners’ characters and avatars in Frogland, the founding district of our metaverse called NewPangea. The Notorious Frogs were never meant to be just 10k individual portraits; they are the main characters in a story of epic proportion.
The Frogland team has always seen the concept and the technologies that comprise Web3 as a pivotal moment in history, one where the users of technology become the beneficiary of social change — not simply the consumers for a centralized system that is based on one-way financial flow and the extraction of personal data. This newer world has to be built to guarantee original attribution, enable a system of tokenized royalties, and allow contributory or derivative work to propagate in other manifestations envisioned by those who want to use it as a component in their own creations.
The sale of the 10k Notorious Frog NFTs seeded the startup fund for building out the Frogland district of the NewPangea metaverse, the first of many gamified and fully customized districts for each partner project brought in by Good Ribbit Productions. From the beginning we have used the model of co-creation as a core creative approach, meaning: the founding development team’s primary task has been to build frameworks based upon three key pillars of the Frogland metaverse experience: Social Engagement, Tokenomic Opportunities, and Quirky Adventure. Working with our community to develop their characters, content, and gameplay mechanics, we produced a multiplayer demo after 90 days of dev as a proof of concept for metaverse co-creation.
Our promise is to supply the framework and to support the will of the creative development culture that permeates our community. Establishing a system that enables active participants not only to build and create, but to have more exposure to their audience, whether via words, music, or imagery, and to supply a mechanism that can reap substantive reward — this, to us, is what we are committed to bring to reality. The massive amounts of content created by the community will produce both more innovation and fiscal viability than what a black-boxed team of eight could ever come up with on our own.
We do this not because it’s easy, but because it is difficult, necessary, and important. Building is difficult, and building differently takes the power of both skilled experience and genuine passion. The strange truth of it all is that we are all together in this, and we are all integral resources for building a world worth waiting for.