Dark Magick Guild

As the magical trials in the Magick Guild become more and more difficult, some frogs become extremely frustrated. A small portion of them walk away from their lessons, content with what they have learned, to pursue other endeavors. Others start to hear voices inside their headsโ€ฆ

โ€œThis is not your destinyโ€

โ€œWhy bow to these weaklings?โ€

โ€œThey dont care about youโ€

โ€œFeed the anger, it is the only path to true powerโ€

โ€œDo not hold backโ€

โ€œWhy should you care what they think?โ€

โ€œTheyโ€™re holding you backโ€

All of the frogs approach the high counsel with questions concerning the voices that they are hearing. The counsel tells them that magic has two sides, like a coin. There is positive โ€œcleanโ€ energy, and there is dark, tainted magic that feeds off of negativity and consumes the souls of all that decide to touch it.

The high council tells them that merely hearing the voices shows them that some of the frogs may not be suited to continue their training and that they must all submit to a test of heart. The counsel has each frog place his hand upon the magic stone one at a time. The frogs are instructed to think back upon their strongest memories as they do this.

The stone begins to glow and the frog touching it at the time is transported to a chamber that he has never seenโ€ฆ

The room is empty except for two doors, side by side, and an owl, that seems to be on fire, sitting between them upon a perch. The owl speaks and asks the frog a series of questionsโ€ฆ

Do you believe in Frod?

Yes, I am a true believer

No, I don't believe in frog tales

Do you believe that there are consequences to your actions?

Yes, one receives what one earns (good or bad)

No, I control my own destiny

Would you ever sacrifice yourself to help or save another?

Yes, sacrifice is the key to the Heavens

No, other frogs problems are their own not mine

If given the choice would you choose a life of power or humility?

Humility, power corrupts the soul

Power, humility is for the weak

Are you willing to commit your life to the betterment of others?


Only if it suits my objectives

Upon listening to the frogs answers, the fiery owl flaps his wings and one of the doors behind him opens. He gestures the frog through, and a half frog/half goat creature leads you to a mirror portal.

A frog of pure heart walks through the door to see that he is once again standing in front of the High Council. โ€œYour heart is pure. Your training may proceed.โ€

A frog that has given selfish and self-serving answers enters the door to find himself standing in front of a group of frogs that he has never seen before. They are sitting upon thrones that seem to be made of the skeletons of creatures that he has never encountered. A pale, cold looking frog with a wicked grin upon his face, and a forked tongue, motions the frog to come forth and kneel. โ€œI see that we have one that may have what it takes to know the true meaning of the word POWER,โ€ he says.

Welcome to the Dark Magick Guildโ€ฆ Your training has just begunโ€ฆ.

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