🧊All Chill, No Shill Podcast

Created, hosted, and produced by Hazer, aka Spot, this community generated podcast dives deeper than the surface.

Calling All: Builders - Misfits - Geeks - Creatives - Artists - Developers

We seek to be interesting without hype, to be passionate but not polarizing. We do it for those who want to go deeper - no shilling, no elevator pitches. Just conversations from unexpected places with an emphasis on creativity and the passion behind web3.

We discuss the origins, the philosophy, and the journey that brought these folks into the space. Interviewing the founders, builders, and creatives fueling this renaissance.

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Frogland: https://twitter.com/Frogland_io

Hazer: https://twitter.com/HazerLive

If you know someone who should be on the show, reach out to Hazer or Lollihops.

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