Chapter 1

Jimmy's PAD

This story begins at Jimmy the Knee's PAD. Nothing out of the ordinary for a gangster mastermind, though his so-called friends thought he was a bit over the top with his plans. You see a desk, personal telegraph, bags of contraband, a couple notepads, a laundry basket and a box of Mosquit-Os cereal. Looks like he didn't like maids.

Our group of adventurers, a band of misfit frogs, arrive at the scene wondering what could have possibly happened to Jimmy. The whole city is abuzz over the gangsters murder. The crime report mentions that Jimmy's wound was so cleanly sliced, it must have been from a knife forged in the fires of Osseous - or possibly a Gutter Cat claw. As the adventurers explore the scene, three adult Ganju enter the room looking for trouble. The Ganju are a mythical Iguana-like creature, believed to only haunt tadpoles' nightmares, not the fly brow streets of Frogland.

After a dangerous scuffle, our adventurers get the best of the Ganju and knock them all out, only to have their bodies vanish in blue smoke. You heard one of them say something, perhaps an incantation of some kind, but it gets swept away by the breeze. The Ganju's clothing, however, remained - as well as a metal disk with some kind of symbol on it, perhaps alchemy? It's inscription was a triangle with two circles inside the triangle. This was taken in by the FBI (Frogland Bureau of Instigations) for evidence. Just as the team thinks there is nothing left to find and the FBI quickly (and somewhat mysteriously) clean up the scene, a runner delivers them a letter...

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