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โ€‹โ€‹The Eight Schools of Magick

The School of Abjuration

Abjurers tend to be magical protectors, they are found in the thick of battle using their powerful defensive spells to shield their allies as they hack and slash their way through their enemies. They are the macho men and empowered women of the magical world.

The School of Conjuration

Conjurors are the artists and artisans of the wizarding world. They are seen as focused, innovative, and perhaps lost in their own imaginations and so a bit introverted. But their ability to conjure things out of thin air makes them both useful and admired.

The School of Divination

Diviners are the know-it-allโ€™s, the โ€œI told you soโ€ wizards, always trying to juggle their own destiny whilst predicting the fate of others. They understand that fate is not a fixed thing and can be bent to their own will. Why take things at face value when the powerful can change the course of history?

The School of Enchantment

By their very nature, Enchanters want to be liked. They want others to do their bidding, they take great delight in having others serve them, they are often arrogant and charismatic and get a real kick out of being the one pulling all the strings - and doing so from a safe distance.

The School of Evocation

The Evoker is generally outward-looking, bristling for a fight, reveling in destruction and aggressive spell-slinging. They are often found at the front of the combat alongside the fighters, but see themselves as much more skilled and elegant in their art. This stems from not having to rely on swinging huge swords or having to strap themselves into metal coats for protection.

The School of Illusion

The Illusionist is an enigma. Things are never what they seem and their ability to blend reality with illusion makes others question whether they can be trusted at all. They are generally found hiding in the shadows, often of their own making, acting mysterious and amused by those who take the world around them at face value.

The School of Necromancy

Often shunned by regular folk, The Necromancer is solitary and secretive. But why endanger yourself when you can raise a contingent of undead beings to do your bidding? Life and death are just two parts of the same journey, just because you stand on the bridge between doesnโ€™t mean that you are doing anything unnatural.

The School of Transmutation

Transmuters see the world around them as their plaything, basic clay to be moulded into whatever you might need. They are innovative and practical, but are often found in their workshops working to discover those all-powerful alchemical procedures. They are often socially awkward, but only through a lake of interaction.

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