What Does It Do For The Economy?

As with all things, balance is key. We are working to create a playing field that is not only fun but that offers opportunity and gain to all who choose to join no matter when or how.

Economic Drains and Liquidity Pools

The Planning Commission acts as a deflationary lever to drain liquidity out of the Frogland economy, driving resource scarcity. Bribes to the Planning Commission act as a deflationary drain against the inflationary pressure from harvesting of resources. Consuming bribes of resource tokens by either burning them or transferring them to an in-game liquidity pool maintains balance in the economy. It furthermore acts as a source of randomness in Frogland, introducing surprise and unpredictability of outcomes to gameplay, for the purposes of both fun and fairness.

For a very simplified example - think of the free parking space in Monopoly. It could be the thing that pulls someone from the brink of loss back into the game in a leader positionโ€ฆbut only if played in the way where the reward for landing on that space has a treasury from the fines and taxes paid from the Chance and Community Chest cards. These fines and taxes make their way into Frogland as bribery of the most notorious kind.

Leveling The Playing Field

There is no fun in a game where initial winners dominate via a cascade effect based upon being there first. If initial winners keep winning more easily than newcomers, and newcomers are left further and further behind, that kills opportunity, and therefore kills the fun.

The Planning Commission is a gameplay entity whose mechanics and rules will be designed such that โ€œearly entryโ€ advantage is modulated by a randomness that enables each Land Holder a reasonable chance to succeed even on their first day in the world. Fresh meat can catch up, and the veterans may lose ground.

Those who possess more Frogs or Devices may appear to have a superior advantage at first glance. But that apparent advantage is balanced by the inherent difficulty they will have managing many characters and lilyPADs. Maximizing resource harvesting can be more complex and time consuming for a Don than for a citizen with only one to manage.

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