Types of Land

There are several different types of land in NewPangea. The world is full of vibrant scenes, vistas, ecosystems, and climates. Each area is different but there are some core concepts that are applicable to all areas.

Public Land

Public land is space available to anyone and everyone. Examples of public land include streets, shops, establishments, and quest areas that are accessible to all players. Most quests start and end at public points of interest.

Community Upgradeable Land

Some land in NewPangea can be operated and upgraded by the community. These lands are accessible to everyone but can be customized by players in certain circumstances.

Private Land

Private land is owned by players and can be customized. Private land takes many shapes and sizes and is spread throughout all of NewPangea's different ecosystems. Some private land can be modified externally while some land can only be modified internally.

Corporate Business Land

We are still exploring exactly how and what ways larger corporations can participate in the Frogland world and environment. There will be a very concerted effort to maintain balance between private land and corporate land, as well as integration into the aesthetics and harmonious feel to the world, all which will be explored on a case by case basis.

Quest Areas

Certain areas are accessible only as part of a quest line.

Restricted Areas

Certain areas are restricted for access by certain character types or for certain levels.

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