Froggin' Hell

The lore and frogs behind this gang.

In the beginning, a group of lonely frogs found a common love at the University of Dark Magick. This group of quiet, well-spoken outcasts found common ground in their shared draw towards the flames. A fire spirit within the university halls called out to them, granting them immunity and whispering words in strange tongues. As they learned more, the crackles and pops became understandable, but the crackles and the pops were darker and more sinister than first thought. After graduation, the group formed 'Froggin Hell': fire bathers and friends.

The fires left them dry and made them a bit cranky, so they started to hang out at the hot springs. It was there that the Naked Frogs learned of their skills. Immediately, the Naked Frogs thought well of their gift and asked them to become a fire service. With all the gang activity going on, fires were breaking out regularly so the small band were called in often to fan the flames. More and more they bathed in the flames of the fires, and more and more outlandish their behavior became. In the end the Naked Frogs became weary of their behavior and set to distance themselves; culminating in an all out ban from the spring.

The gang began to live a double life. By day they were meek and humble - by night they would burn themselves crisp, throw wild and crazy parties. The more Notorious gangs soon learned of this and began to take the band under their wings. Through tricks and scams, they duped the Froggin' Hell crew to do all manner of bad deeds, while waking the next day to only remember fragments. The flames of intoxication leaves them blank and unkowning after each full bath.

Will this group become fully evil? Or will they fight the urges of the fire whispers? Time will tellโ€ฆ.

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