The Peacocky Blinders

The lore and frogs behind this gang.

The Peacocky Blinders have a long yet subtle and understated history in Frogolia. They are the only Frogs that have an alliance with the Peacocks of Pangea. A district every tadpole is warned away from entering at an early age, all access points have been sealed for over a decade now. The alliance is cemented by a tribute of peacock feathers that the leaders of the Blinders adorn as headwear.

Notoriously, the quills of these feathers are incredibly sharp and nearly indestructible. Naturally, these are perfect lock-picks, but they also repel all substances. It is rumored they are used as weapons because there are no current means to match the quill to the crimeโ€ฆ The pen really is mightier than the sword! And if they get through a pat-down in a sit-downโ€ฆ negotiations are a frogone conclusion!

Some of the top quillers exclusively work for the Blinders - to cross them is to ensure your demise. It is still unknown if Toadmas Shillby or Frogtor Who are the brains behind the operation. In fact, nobody can be sure if they are one and the same, or indeed, if either of them actually exist. Those curious enough to find out have often met unfortunate accidents. To lament desiring the Frogtor's TOADIS to travel back in time for the rest of their daysโ€ฆ.

The protection afforded by this alliance and the monopoly over goods distribution from the peacock's land has allowed the Peacocky Blinders to be both very influential and almost unknown to many a common frog. Every tadpole knows of the Great Plumage Purge, when Frogolia was stripped of the most powerful elite in a matter of minutes as they been double-crossed by some of the top frogseoise. The technology, art, and exotic spices of the night make up the goods they peddle on Frogolias streets, as well as traffic across all of NewPangea. Equally, an assassination from above threat gives them the upper hand in most negotiations. As such, they are somewhat isolated from the other gangs - uneasy alliances are as close as they get to firm frogships. Hence their operations are largely unknown, and finding a peacock feather's eye in your letterbox is a sign to pack your bags and hop onโ€ฆ If not, it's a frogone conclusion.

They reside at the estate - much revered, often observed only from afar, the ground zero of many a scandal, Foad Hall. Here they operate their legitimate business interests from the Tail Feathers. A discreet members club for the influential to discuss matters privately and the Feathair Hostess help them forget about the stresses of home life (ok, it's a ribbititty bar). The top toads in town are usually recruited at a young age to be the Bouncers.

How they traffic goods across the most secure border known to Frogkind is a matter of speculation. The tales talk of access to the Pond Beyond through flight or no sight, but many consider this to be the ramblings of a peacock dart laced with DMToad talking.

There have been more accounts of seeing frogs with raised peacock feathers on their heads, with the song Roll The Bones seeming to play from nowhere; security men hypnotized, unable to remember anything when questioned about their inaction of a heist occurring during their watchโ€ฆ

In a seldom spoken of coincidence, the very same song that Goldie Spawn opens each night at The Tail Feather is also used to introduce the Feathair Hostesses for the eveningโ€ฆ Given they are both adorned in the peacock plumage, could there be a link? The eyes on the peacock feathers seem to follow you around the room, donโ€™t they?

And if there is a link in that songs use, then why do they always close the evening to Too Many Zooz's Havana Banana? Hmmm...

Maybe it's a legend, maybe it's an inside secretโ€ฆ As they say, birds of a feather frog together.

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