Utilizing crypto, NFTs, and the blockchain to help build a new economic system for NewPangea.

The concept of digital scarcity is central to the economy of NewPangea. Each item has a purpose and each item is designed specifically to facilitate collaboration between players while ensuring that the world retains balance.


The items found or created in NewPangea have no real-world value and serve only to facilitate gameplay for those interested in completing quests and storylines. As a player moves throughout the world they will discover many items. Some of the items are useful for quests, some are useful for decoration, and some items may have uses which have not yet been disclosed. Given a core goal is to enable players to meet new people and make friends, players can barter with one another to exchange game items in order to achieve their goals.

A Note On Play to Earn

Play To Earn (P2E) mechanics are extremely popular among blockchain-based games however the application of these design patterns must be taken with extreme caution. P2E can enhance the experience of the game and give players a sense of accomplishment; but can also lead to addictive behavior. We prefer to channel that energy into creativity and therefore any P2E mechanics that are implemented will be designed specifically to enrich the experience for players and content creators.

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