Webbed Pete Gang

The lore and frogs behind this gang.

One frog recalls his discovery of the Webbed Pete Gang...

"I was sitting relaxing in the hot springs at The Nude Frog Club enjoying my - 4th, 5th? - tasty beverage, washing away the last toxic vibes of another mundane day. It was then that I started to feel strange. No - not buzzed, believe me, I know buzzed...This was different. The light...the smells...the colors? Was I seeing time?

It was then I realized I had slipped under the water. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't get back to the surface. I began to panic. When I could hold my breath no longer, I let go. To my amazement, I could breath under the water. It felt so natural, like I had always known I could do this. It was then that I started to remember...

I was straight out of the marsh. No babbling brooks or pristine lakes for this frog. I was just a tadpole when I left my lily pad. I was on my way to the big city. My hopes and dreams were that of every other wide eyed, wet-behind-the-gills tadpole. Big city lights, tacos, and to find the ultimate drinking contest!!

Well, the lights I found.

I also found that no one in the great city would contest drink with a poor tadpole from the marsh. And without coin from a win, there would be no tacos. I was devastated. My dreams shattered as I sat down on a curb and began to weep.

"Hey kid," said a voice from the dark alleyway behind me. "Get your pathetic green ass up off that sidewalk and come over there." Then he grumbled, "You better wipe those tears off your face before I do." I got up and walked to were the voice was coming from. There stood a tall skinny frog with a drink between his webbed fingers. He studied me for a number of minutes and finally said, "Here's lookin at you kid."

I was dumbstruck! This frog had actually pulled off this old ass cliche. It was then that I realized this was no ordinary frog - this frog was a leader. Then he handed me a drink and loudly exclaimed: "DRINKING CONTEST!!"

My dream had come true! After that he took me back to his stash house and fed me the most glorious tacos I had ever eaten. They were quite addicting...and oddly sweet. Then he said something that changed my life forever... "From this moment forward, kid, you're with the Webbed Pete Gang. You shall be no longer a tadpole, but rather a RadPole." Well, thats the story of how I met Skinny Pete and joined The Webbed Pete gang.

Weird how it took almost drowning at the Nude club for me to remember all of this.

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