Frogland Toadex

How to Claim Land, Mint Land, or Check Claim Status

Froghodlr Land Device Claim and Land Device Mint

The Promised Land

Welcome, Frogs and Frens!! The day has finally arrived!! The delivery of our original promise of #BuyFrogGetLand has arrived, as well as the release of the first wave of Land Devices for non-froghodlrs to mint. This article has everything you need to know to hop into Frogland safely.
Concept art for the Coastal biome in Frogland.

Safety First

We will NOT have any surprise mint, we will NOT be doing any free giveaways, there will be NO surprise anythings. If it seems too good to be true, then it probably is.
Do NOT click links, do NOT fill out any forms, do NOT screen share your wallet, discord, or browser windows, do NOT click on images or videos in DMs. unless from a fully verified source (like our #official-links discord channel). A hardware wallet is your best friend!
The ONLY location where ANY minting or claiming will happen is on our official website — The current site is temporary — the full site will go live when claim and mint begins on June 18th. We will make an announcement when we have a time and update everything accordingly, but it is likely to be afternoon/evening EDT.
Concept art for the Urban biome in Frogland.
Trust, but verify. If you receive a DM, a tag, a link, or anything that appears to come from Frogland or the Frog Team, make sure you hop into our discord ( or onto our Twitter (@frogland_io) and shoot us a message in a public channel (discord) or a DM (twitter). If it was a legit message, we will verify in one of these mediums. You can @Frog Team or @Mod Squad in discord and we will respond ASAP.
Please keep in mind that things will likely be crazy, and we will be responding to everything as fast as we can — so please have patience with our wonderful mods and team members as we stay on top of everything. There is no rush for anything coming from us — we will not be encouraging gas wars or hype based FOMO, so any sense of hurry is contrived. Relax and enjoy the ride — WAGMI!!
Concept art for the Desert biome in Frogland.

What To Expect

We have a plethora of both narrative and tech based literature out about both the Land Devices, Land Mechanics, and the value of holding your Frogs after the land claim. There is also a significant amount of content worth going through in our white paper (The Toadex) including a section on gameplay interactions and on the current NFTs in the Frogland ecosystem and how they will interact both in game and on the blockchain.
Part of that reading includes the development of the ‘land deeds’ concept early this year, and how it has evolved to be more fitting with the narrative of the Notorious Frogs into its current state.
The Land Device that will be claimed and minted (both unrevealed) on the 18th is the product of wanting more from virtual land than just proof of ownership and the ability to buy and sell.
It is a small glimpse into the future. Built into a wild piece of alien technology adapted by the Frogs, there lies endless options for verifiable updatability, adjustment, puzzles, and fun — all while also functioning as a land deed to the lilyPAD you own in Frogland.
#BuyFrogGetLand was never the end game— it is just the beginning.
Concept art for the Forest biome in Frogland.

Froghodlr Claim

When the website goes live, all hodlrs of a Notorious Frog will be able to go to our official website and proceed with your claim. It’s very easy: connect your wallet via MetaMask and hit the “Claim” button! You can also claim your frogs with a batch claim to help reduce gas — just make sure your frogs are all in the same wallet.
There is no rush to claim — claim whenever is convenient for you. The claim will open and remain open until all frogs have claimed their lilyPADs — so no gas wars! This also means that there is the option for those savvy snipers to hop onto our website to check the claim status of a frog available on the secondary before purchasing, and thus being able to claim moar free land!
The Land Devices that are claimed by Frogs will have token IDs from 1–10k, so there will be a clear differentiator (or two…) between those Land Devices that have been claimed vs those that have been minted. The minted Land Devices will start at 10,001 and go up from there.
The rarity of the Frogs has no impact on the rarity of the Land Devices or lilyPADs themselves. The assignment of plot numbers, biome, and location of Land Devices is also random.
ALL Froghodlrs who wish to mint more land are automatically able to do so — just connect your wallet via MetaMask and you’re good to go!
If you are a Froghodlr and have your frogs in a non-MetaMask wallet and wish to mint more land, sign up via our premint link here.
IF YOU ARE LOOKING TO SEE IF A FROG FOR SALE HAS HAD THEIR LAND CLAIMED ALREADY OR NOT, hop over to our website, connect your wallet in the upper right hand corner, then type the token ID into the “No Good Deeds” section on the website. The website will NOT reply without your wallet connection.
Concept art for the Mountains biome in Frogland.

Land Device Mint

When minting a new Land Device, you will go to our website, connect your wallet via MetaMask, then select which Biome your Land Device should have an affinity for. You can then select the number of devices you would like to mint — each Land Synthesis Device costs 0.2 ETH.
Recall that you can assign your Land Device to any biome, but the Land Devices will work best in the biome that it was designed for.
The current number of Land Devices that are being released is 12,500 — 10,000 for the Frog claim, 2,500 for allow listed sale.
The current anticipated final number of Land Devices (and thus, land plots) available in Frogland is 55,000. The map of Frogland is about 60 square kilometers currently — but will have ‘residential’ (privately owned) land, ‘business’ land, public and social areas, areas dedicated to quests, and ‘wilderness’.
These numbers are still under development, so as with everything, this may change as we continue to build out Frogland to promote the best development of the project and community.
Concept art for the Tropical biome in Frogland.

Looking Ahead

Land Devices will be released in waves over the next several months and even years. The release schedule will depend on several factors including demand, market conditions, and community feedback. Froghodlrs will always have right of first refusal for allow list access for future sales — one of the many ways we give back to our earliest supporters.
The price of Land Devices will never go below the previous mint price — and will possibly increase with each wave.
Concept art for the Wetlands biome in Frogland.
Everything in Frogland is co-created with our community, and we strive to fulfill that every day. We are SO excited to kick off this claim, mint, and everything that comes with this launch…and we are just getting started. Let’s frogging go!!