Frogland Toadex

Welcome to NewPangea

Welcome, frens!
If you've made it here, you're interested in finding out what the frog is hoppening with the Notorious Frogs of Frogland, NewPangea!
Consider this Frogland's White Paper. can a simple 'white paper' encompass all that the Notorious Frogs, Frogland, and NewPangea strive for and represent? More importantly, frogs aren't white...they're multicolored.
Art from Dream Reality Interactive.
The same way that the Frog Team is endeavoring to change the way NFTs, metaverses, and cryptocurrencies are thought of, marketed, and utilized, we knew that we needed something more for our Green Paper, something toadily different.
The Green Paper (aka The Toadex) is a continually evolving and updating means of tracking what we're doing, where we're going, and the involvement of our community along the way. As this is a living document, it will be continually updated both internally from Frog Team members, but also with content from the community.
What does this mean for those of you reading it? For the most part, that you will have unlimited access to absolutely everything that is official and ready for publication both to and from the community, as it happens. However, as a living document, this does mean that things will change and things will be adjusted as we continue to work through the scope of this project. No one likes it when dates have to be pushed back, so timelines will be slightly more 'ballpark' until we get close enough to be able to nail them down - this is done purely out of a desire to be as accurate as possible. We will keep this updated very consistently, so keep your eyes open!
Have fun exploring our brave new world!
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